The Sea

Distant Castles

Blue's and Three's

Over Budle Bay

Over to Beadnell Harbour

Eastern Winds on an Eastern Shore

A Fence of Sorts II

Dark Water I (2015)

Bamburgh Boiler

Beadnell Harbour

The Bathing House at Howick, a November Sunrise

Howick Geology

Beadnell Harbour


Tidal Bridge at Belhaven

The Black Hole

Reaching for new Horizons


New Years Day 2015 - Bamburgh beach & Castle

Exposed Lands

Island Watching

Scottish Pano #1

Talisker Bay #12

Dark Water V (2015)

The Surfer

Lineae V

Strength of Two

High Tide Wash

Reaching Out

Bridge to No Where

Silver & Glass I


Craster Harbour

Let Fly the Wild Horses

Beadnell Harbour

Take me, for I have nothing left...