Images from “Intentional”

All 46 images featured from my sold out photo book

Here you will find images of our landscape mainly devoid of man and indeed much sign of man’s influence from the past 150 – 200 years. Is this the wish to hark back to some romanticised idyllic version of the early 19th century rural Britain, or the fact I grew up far from crowds of people, steel and concrete but was surrounded by woodland, pasture and arable fields, among stone built farm buildings laid out at the beginning of the Victorian period and have imagined ever since as to what my home area was like back then? My interest has always been in the past, and so I take great influence from painters of this time period and painting generally to make landscape photographs that don’t always reflect on what is there right now and may even look back a little in time.

Images chosen and sequenced by Greg Stewart of Kozu Books